Can You Think Like An Entrepreneur?
Yes, you can!    And here's how.

Many governmental and private agencies attempt to show us how to start our own businesses. They are all truly well meaning, but usually overlook one critical function. That function relates to how we think. If we are still thinking like a run-of-the-mill employee, no matter how much we learn about writing business plans or setting up legal formats, the prospective business is lacking the necessary element of thinking.

This book will not only show you how successful entrepreneurs think, you will also learn how you now think, and then how to adjust that thinking to improve your chance of success in any endeavor.

Byproducts of this book, include:

  1. Once you discover and act upon your personal mission statement (which you'll learn how to discover), you will find life more interesting, enjoyable, and significantly extended.
  2. There is no better way to improve the economy and increase employment than starting new businesses as an entrepreneur.
  3. Entrepreneurial training has proven to substantially reduce the number of incarcerated criminals, by reducing recidivism.

A few comments about it's content:

"I do need to read this as it is captivating after I got into it."
Regards, David Cox

"The book is tight, coherent, reads well, and in my humble opinion, is ready for the (electronic) press. ... I wish you the very best of luck-- this is a great book and a great service, and much needed right now."
Dave Garland

As announced by Willard Barth:
" I had the honor of participating in one of Charlie's workshops where he presented this material. I have been to a lot of 'Mission Statement' workshops and Charlie's was by far one of the best. His presentation was fun, thought provoking, informative, structured and most importantly... got results."